The Aftermath Recovery Program by Bree Bonchay (WNAAD & Aftermath Academy)

The Aftermath Recovery Program

Learn how to get unstuck and slay the aftermath of narcissistic abuse

Bree Bonchay, LCSW

 Bree Bonchay is a licensed psychotherapist with over two decades of experience working in the field of mental health and trauma recovery. She specializes in helping people recover from toxic relationships, and shares her insights about narcissistic personality disorder and psychopathy in her blog FreeFromToxic. 

Her articles have been featured in major online magazines and she has appeared on radio as a guest expert.

Here's how it works....

The Aftermath Recovery Program is designed to help you not only get unstuck but you will learn tools and strategies to help you slay the aftermath of narcissistic abuse recovery. Through intensive, focused, personalized, narcissistic abuse recovery support, you will gain the answers you need to make lasting, life-long changes and feel better.

You will get access to my lectures, resources, and worksheets to help you conquer your cognitive dissonance, manage your trauma symptoms, and create the right conditions for you to heal. I'll teach you the most effective therapeutic techniques and share proven methods with you in live, monthly webinars, exclusive group posts, and audios.

Your Monthly Membership Includes:
Monthly 1:1 to Skype calls with me- I will help you identify blocks, insight gaps, and personal barriers to recovery, and I will provide advice, direction, and actionable steps on what to do next.


Weekly contact with me -You’ll receive a weekly check-in email where you'll have the opportunity to get any questions that come up during the week answered. And, I will provide guidance and direction on what to do next.

Access to my private Facebook group- You’ll also have access to me in my private Facebook support group where you will be able to get advice and give and receive support to the other members

One ZOOM, Online Live Group per month- I will hold one, live ZOOM webinar with Q&A time to teach you important concepts. Since there will only be 5 of you, you’ll have plenty of time to ask questions

You’ll get FREE access to the Aftermath Academy resources- Each month new audios, worksheets, and recovery resources will be made available to you.

We will track and measure your progress- Each month we will review your progress so you can see your improvement and areas for focus

Perks and discounts only available to Aftermath Recovery Program members- There might be times you want more than one, 1:1 call a month with me.  As a member, you will be able to add additional 1:1 sessions with me at 10% off my regular fee. And, as long as you are an Aftermath Recovery member, you’ll receive a 10% discount on any courses or products I offer.


Here’s what one of my client’s had to say about working with me:

“Every time I meet with Bree,  I walk away knowing I can do this. Her insights are so valuable and her methods really work. I love the way our meetings are structured and focused on getting me to the next step. In just a short time, I’m feeling a lot better and my outlook has improved.”

D. L.

The number on obstacle to recovery is....

The number one  obstacle I see is staganation.

It’s that feeling of being stuck.

  • The obsessive thoughts about the narcissist forcing them to comb over every little detail of the relationship looking for answers  
  • The paralyzing self-doubt and cognitive dissonance that keeps them spinning and over-analyzing
  • The painful triggers and emotional flashbacks that cause them to re-live the experience over and over again 
  • The depression and fear that keeps them trapped wondering what the narcissist is doing, and whether he/she still or ever really cared
  • The isolation and feeling of being alone because no one understands why they are struggling 
  • The confusion about how to make sense of everything and let it go when they can barely wrap their heads around it

I’m pretty sure you’ve read hundreds of articles, watched countless videos, and have spent hours reading and researching and sharing your story in online survivor groups, but no matter what you do, you’re still feeling stuck and not much better than you did when you started.

I’ve been in your shoes.

I know what it's like to try to recover from narcissistic abuse alone, and without a road map for recovery.

I tried everything too.

I tried the fake it to you make it approach. I tried the knowledge is power, read everything under the sun and hope you feel better method. I did the white-knuckled my way through no contact while still secretly holding out hope for closure combo. I tried to love myself into feeling better. I even tried pouring positivity on my wounds in the form of yellow post-it notes stuck to my bathroom mirror containing motivational and inspirational quotes. 

What I realized is so much of what I thought I was doing to help myself because I read it would help or because it made me feel better in the moment, was actually not helping me to get better at all. And, in some cases, it was keeping me stuck.
I decided I needed to do something different. So, I redirected my attention to my education and training as a clinical psychotherapist and helped myself to conquer my cognitive dissonance and self-doubt, stopped my obsessing and ruminating, and freed myself from the trauma by borrowing the very best tools from established, effective, trauma-informed, therapeutic modalities.

✔️Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy
✔️Narrative Therapy
✔️Mindfulness-abased Cognitive Therapy
✔️Accelerated Experiential Dynamics Psychotherapy
✔️Attachment Mastery
✔️Positive Psychology
I developed a program that I wish existed when I was going through it. Now, you can avoid making the same mistakes I made and benefit from my years of personal and professional insights and strategies to heal from narcissistic abuse. 

It takes a combination of properly timed strategies to heal from narcissistic abuse, and it requires the guidance and dedicated, real-time support of someone who has been there and knows what it takes to heal. 

I have helped many people in my private psychotherapy practice who believed they would never recover from narcissistic abuse or were certain that they would never feel good again, to heal and get unstuck. 


Will anyone have access to the information discussed during my 1:1 sessions?

The sessions with me are strictly confidential, and everything that you share, as well as all of your personal information, is always held in the strictest of confidence. Additionally, anything you transmit via email is highly secure, and stored data is HIPAA compliant.

How many months in the Aftermath Recovery Program will I need?

Recovery is a very individual process, and no two people recover from narcissistic abuse the exact same way or in the same amount of time. Recovery depends upon many factors and your level of commitment and motivation. The suggested commitment is at least 5 months, but you can be a member for as long as you like or cancel at any time.

Will I be receiving psychotherapy in the 1:1 calls?

Even though I am a licensed clinical psychotherapist, this program has been designed as an intensive, educational, coaching program specifically focused on aspects of narcissistic abuse recovery. It is not a substitute for psychotherapy, and it is not appropriate for people with severe mental health disorders who may require emergency/crisis management services. 

Can I cancel my membership?

Yes, you may cancel your membership at any time. When you cancel your membership, it will cancel your access to the Aftermath Recovery Program & the Aftermath Academy resources. 

If you want to cancel, I suggest emailing me first so we can plan the best time to do so, so you don't lose member benefits prematurely.