Buy 1, Gift 1 -2020 Survivor Empowerment Telesummit InSIGHT Package by Bree Bonchay (WNAAD & Aftermath Academy)

Buy 1, Gift 1 -2020 Survivor Empowerment Telesummit InSIGHT Package

Buy now and get lifetime access to the entire 2020 Survivor Empowerment Telesummit (over 20 hours of insights) plus bonus interviews!! This is a special, limited-time offer available through June 1, 2020. Regularly $147. 

*Your access will not start until June 1, 2020. (See FAQS below)

Learm from Dr. Ramani Durvasula, Dr. Craig Malkin, Dr. David Wexler, Dr. Arielle Schwartz, Tina Swithin, Barry Goldstein, Rebecca Zung, Esq., and more....

What we know from research, hands-on experience with survivors, and survivor's input about their experiences with narcissistic partners and family member, is that:

~These relationships produce significant trauma--often unrecognized and untreated.

 ~Survivor's invisible wounds produce trauma in 90% of survivors, and 75% of them will go on to develop a trauma disorder, like PTSD, in need of specialized care and unique recovery methods.

Survivors need a toolbox packed full of education, trauma symptom reduction techniques, and recovery-oriented steps to reduce:

Craving and longing
Fear of the future
Self-perceptual injuries
Intrusive thoughts and Cognitive Dissonance
Depression and Anxiety

The telesummit has taken sage experience from researchers, advocates, therapists, neuropsychologists, and even legal experts on a topic base that spans A to Z to give you the broadest, deepest, real-world and practical advice and knowledge to begin your recovery, or deepen an existing recovery that has 'stalled.'  

From the safety of your home, learn trauma-transforming steps to not simply empower you, but to also make notable reductions in the vast array of trauma symptoms.  

What would it be like to have an action-oriented roadmap for recovery that has helped thousands of survivors find their path to a vibrant and resilient recovery?

Own this Telesummit if you want to:

best practices and research-oriented strategies for healing the trauma of narcissistic abuse

Utilize the personality science of why you are targeted to avoid future victimization by guarding the personality traits that are heavily targeted

Apply the steps to decrease your cognitive dissonance and better understand the connection between cognitive dissonance and trauma bonds to move forward

Spot warning signs of pathological individuals and why they are so damaging

Avoid common myths and misconceptions about personality disorders and how they entrap survivors

Reduce the symptoms of narcissistic abuse mentally, psychologically and physically while increasing your well-being

Benefit from the neuroscience behind your symptoms so you can utilize what works and stop doing what worsens your brain functioning

Better guard yourself in challenging relationships with narcissistic family members

Dig into family of origin issues and it's connection to codependency

Understand abuser characteristics

Receive in depth information about court related issues including how to protect your children in court, how to negotiate with a narcissist, child custody with a narcissist, why courts miss 'dangerousness' and why it can be so harmful to children.

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2020 Survivor Empowerment Summit Event Program
Buy 1, Gift 1: WNAAD 2020 Survivor Empowerment Telesummit Event Program.pdf
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2020 Survivor Empowerment Telesummit InSight Package
2020 Survivor Empowerment Telesummit coming June 1, 2020
Donna Andersen- Three Steps to Protecting Yourself Against Love Fraud
53 mins
Shari Botwin. LCSW- Shedding Shame and Thriving After Trauma
46 mins
Dr. Anne Brown, PhD- The Narcissist in 2020: What We Need To Know?
53 mins
Sandra Brown, MA,- The Relationship Between Your Personality Traits and Cognitive Dissonance
52 mins
Eric Casaccio- Post-Traumatic Growth: Finding New Light After Trauma
60 mins
Laura Charanza- Healing from Ugly Love
45 mins
Melanie Tonia Evans- From Survivor To Thriver: The Empowered Path To Narcissistic Abuse Recovery
51 mins
Dr. Ramani Durvasula, PhD- The Reality of Narcissistic Abuse: It's Time to Stop Gaslighting The Survivors
50 mins
Dr. Rhonda Freeman, PhD- Using Neuroscience To Gain Insight and Freedom From Narcissistic Abuse
49 mins
Tanya Gaum, M.Ed. MA., AMFT- Sexual Consent, Intersectionality, and Narcissistic Abuse
47 mins
Barry Goldstein, JD - Scientific Research Confirms Family Court Practices Tilted To Favor Abusers and Risk Children
59 mins
Hilary Jacobs Hendel, LCSW- Understanding and Working Emotions To Heal Trauma and Live Better
(1h 07m 39s)
Jackson MacKenzie WNAAD- Rediscovering Your True Self After Toxic Relationships
59 mins
Christine Louis de Canonville- Gaslighting: How It’s Used To Control You
52 mins
Dr. Craig Malkin, PhD- Listening to Echoism: Understanding Why You’re Stuck in Relationships With Narcissists
54 mins
Tracy Malone- Narcissists Play During Divorce and How To Protect Yourself
54 mins
Sherri Renner. JD- Preparing for the Long Haul of Litigation With A Narcissist
56 mins
Lisa Romano- Codependency: Why Growing Up Feeling Programmed or Conditioned To Take Care of Everyone Else But Yourself Makes You A Target For Narcissistic Abuse
(1h 14m 27s)
Dr. Arielle Schwartz, PhD- Complex PTSD: Understanding and Healing The Wounds of The Past To Live More Fully In The Present
46 mins
Tina Swithin- Family Court and Child Custody with a Narcissist
60 mins
Dr. David Wexler. PhD- The Many Faces of Narcissistic Partner Abuse and What To Do About It
(1h 11m 33s)
Greg Zaffuto- The Effects of Parental Narcissistic Abuse On Children and Within The Family
57 mins
Rebecca Zung, Esq- How To Slay Your Negotiation With A Narcissist
58 mins
Bonus Content
©Arielle Schwartz- Resilience After Childhood Trauma
29 mins
©Sandra Brown- The Personality Science of Why Narcissists Target You
(1h 01m 55s)
Five Factor Personality Graphic
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Big Five Personality Test
The Change Triangle
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Lets Talk Canned Responses
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Red Flag Checklist
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Cycle of Narcissistic Abuse Graphic
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Can I receive a refund after I purchase the 2020 Survivor Empowerment InSIGHT Package?

Unfortunately, once you purchase any of our summit packages we are not able to provide refunds.

When will I get access to the audios and bonus material?

You will get access on June 1, 2020 at 8am UTC time. On June 1, 2020, you'll receive an email in your inbox notifying you the summit is ready for you. Just click the link provided, and enter the email address and password you used for this purchase, and start  listening. 

What format are the audio interviews in?

The audios are in MP4 format.